La Folie à Deux 1992-1996

  • Biefer-Zgraggen


  • Hohenbuüchler


  •  MinkoffOlesen


  • VedovaMazzei


  • YACH


La Folie à Deux is the title of a series of portraits showing artistduos/couples who produce joint works.
The portraits refer to the peculiarity of artistical practice within creative partnerships: to their intense dialogue and interaction as well as to the relational side which is - as with all intense relationships - inapproachable from outside.
We consider the concept of the metaportrait as a model to visualize the fusion of points of view, of ideas and perhaps visions in such collaborations.
Each metaportrait - a 16 step metamorphosis from one partner to the other - was synthisized from the photographs we made of artists from all over Europe. The arrangement of the sequence suggests an interpersonal field, a field of tension between symbiosis and individual self-assertion.
Furthermore the metamorphosis becomes here a metaphor of the complexity of identity (self is self, self is someone else as well)

participating artisduos and book "La Folie à Deux"